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Herren Project Clubs Education Webinar Series
Join us for this 5-part series focusing on healthy lifestyle choices and overall wellness.

Decision Making | October 7th
This month’s webinar will focus on the decision-making pillar. Students will learn life skills to help them to make better decisions throughout the school year. The goal is to empower them to make better choices to get the most out of the opportunities they will face this year and in life.

Stress Management | December 2nd
This month’s webinar will focus on the stress management pillar. Students will learn how to let go of past stressors and manage the new stressors that come into their lives. The goal is to teach healthy ways to cope with stress in positive ways and start the new year off right.

Self-Care | January 6th
This month’s webinar will focus on the self-care pillar. Students will learn what self-care is, its importance, and how its practice can improve your everyday life. Students will be introduced to five self-care practices they can apply to every area of their life. The goal is to inspire students to think about their self-care and make it a regular practice in their daily lives.

Healthy Choices | March 3rd
This month’s webinar is part of our Wellness Week with Herren and focused on the healthy choices pillar. Students will learn the difference between healthy and non-healthy choices. We will discuss how our choices can affect our lives, along with the positive and negative consequences that may follow. The goal is to encourage students to start thinking more about the impact of the choices they make.

Empowerment | May 5th
This month’s webinar will be focused on the empowerment pillar. Students will be motivated to finish out the school year strong and think about their goals for the summer and upcoming school year. Students will be reminded of the positive impact staying focused and setting goals can have on us. The goal is to inspire and empower students to reengage and think about setting goals for their future.
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